In order to reduce the house advantage as much as possible and try to win with each move, it is essential to play correctly according to the first two cards you get and the dealer’s card.

Going through a basic blackjack strategy is therefore a mandatory step if you do not want to chain losses.


In order to help beginners from France and Navarre to win more and more money in their games, we have seen fit to condense the data presented above into a clear blackjack table.

Thanks to this visual, you will better remember the actions to take in order to try to outsmart the odds! Memorizing this strategy board to perfection is therefore the next step in your race to win.


This version allows you to discover the table of moves and strategies that can be used in classic blackjack . Follow precisely the legend as well as the various points indicated to be sure to win the maximum number of points and money on this game.

Keeping track of all of these points should give you the maximum payout when playing a classic blackjack game . The more you follow these points to the letter, the more chances you will have of winning the maximum amount of money on the chosen game.


This second version allows you to fully understand the strategies to use in a game of blackjack Surrender . It will be enough for you to follow correctly the moves and tactics to be used to be certain to gain a maximum of gains on this game. Discover the blackjack table presenting these techniques here.

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